"Comedy is Tragedy, ​plus Time."
- Carol Burnett

Though most of Hooper's time is spent hoping to work towards compromise and legitimate representation, the trials and tribulations of such can leave one jaded and cynical - if not for a good sense of humor. 

In 2013, during a health crisis, Hooper bravely took the stage for "Dead Man Talking," a reflective one-man show on the insanity of being in your twenties in a modern society. Now, in a far more personal and smaller setting, Hooper is bringing us "Last Laugh," a self-reflective piece on love, loss, depression, and survival. Relaying tales too ridiculous or sad to be made-up, the politician-turned-comedian uses examples from his own ups and downs to lighten the mood of others. 

​Hooper will be bringing his tour to small venues across the Midwest beginning February 17th until finally culminating in a taped special in Philadelphia on July 8th. Check the facebook page for more constant updates and tickets to individual shows. 

February 17th - Nashville, TN
February 18th - Clarksville, TN

 March 24th - Evansville, IN
March 25th - Evansville, IN
​April 1st - Owensboro, KY

July 8th - Philadelphia, PA